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ACTION Professionals Pay Data Center is an automated payment module that allows us to provide debtors with every opportunity to resolve debt realistically, promptly, and with dignity. This product allows your customers 24 hour-a-day online access for payment of their obligation.

As this system is integrated with our collection software our associates may provide debtors a choice of paying with an ACH, Check 21, Credit Card, or ECheck payment. Recurring payments may be offered to remove the "wait and hope" generally associated with a repayment schedule. Paying Online using an access code, account number and PIN # provided by Action Pros, the debtor may use the internet to view their account balance and set up payment of their account. The Pay Data Center will allow the debtor the option to pay their obligation using either a Credit Card or Echeck transaction. Their current demographic information is verified and a minimum payment, established by Action Pros is displayed to the individual.