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ACTION Professionals utilizes the VIC III Integrated Predictive Dialer software developed by DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. This product has evolved into a leading edge predictive dialer and IVR that has revolutionized and simplified the overall debt collection process. This is done by minimizing the time that we must dedicate to predictive dialer functions and ensures that our collectors are talking to the “right party”. This new generation dialer allows Action Pros to focus on the primary objective: The collection of debt. 

Utilizing both “text to speech” and voice files, we can create dialogs for inbound and outbound dialer campaigns. Action Professionals can create our own dialer messages and scripts, performing critical verification of Social Security Numbers, addresses, phone numbers and employment information. With the ability to utilize multiple menus, VIC III can also provide options such as menus supporting multiple languages. This amazing new dialer product allows Action Pros to maximize our time and resources to maximize your recovery.

Outbound Campaigns
The VIC III Outbound module allows ACTION Professionals the power of volume calling while allowing our collectors to perform the up-most due diligence. The dialer may be programmed to attempt residence, reference and employment phones.  Collectors may also instruct the dialer to immediately attempt any alternate phones received in the course of collection. These features allow Action Pros to customize collection and dialer strategies for individual clients.

Inbound Campaigns 

VIC III is an interactive voice response system that works 24 hours-a-day,  7 days-a-week, to make debtor payment arrangements based on client specific criteria. VIC III removes the barriers debtors often perceive in resolving financial obligations. It offers an opportunity to resolve debt promptly, with flexibility and dignity. Through the inbound module, individuals may satisfy their obligation using a Credit Card or Echeck. Recurring payments may also be scheduled to provide the individual a convenient, low maintenance method of payment.