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Sometimes the biggest challenge in getting someone to pay is to find them!  If a consumer moves and leaves you with no information to contact them, the urgency to pay will begin to vanish. Our "Skiptracing" technology restores contact with those lost consumers. 

"First Alert" utilizes the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address database (NCOA). It will search for corrected address information before a letter is sent. Thus, decreasing the amount of return mail on accounts referred for collection. It is a proven fact: Rapid notification of collection action increases the ability to collect the debt.

If the trail cools, "Dakcsnet" casts an electronic net for clues. It utilizes the databases of four national locater services. This location information may be requested and returned immediately using a secure internet connection. These databases are updated constantly to ensure the most recent information is available to aide us in the location of your consumers. First, Dakcsnet attempts to find a corrected address and phone information. If Dakcsnet is unsuccessful in locating this information it sweeps the area for possible relatives. Finally, if new information is acquired it is updated in our system so that contact can be initiated.

When it comes to recovering your money, information is the key!